Understanding the Planets Personalities

If the nine planets of Vedic astrology were people, what characteristics would they have and how would they behave?

To understand the planets, it is helpful to see them as members of a Royal Cabinet. This way, we can understand their personalities and energies, the role that each plays and the impact they each have on our life.

The Royal Cabinet of Planets

The Sun is the King
The Moon is the Queen
Mercury is the Prince
Venus is the Princess
Mars is the Commander in Chief
Jupiter is the Teacher or Chief Advisor to the King
Saturn is the Servant
Rahu is a Soldier of the Advancing Army
Ketu is a Soldier of the Occupying Army

Sun - the King

The Sun is the King and the father. He is the leader, and represents government and authority. Physically, the Sun is the hottest of the astrological planets, and the most powerful, for its power of illumination and ability to provide energy to the other planets. However if the other planets come too close it can become an overpowering influence.

An unfavorably placed Sun can bring ego and an exaggerated sense of self-importance, or can result in low self-confidence. But when the Sun is positioned favorably in a chart, it brings kingly qualities to the native – confidence, courage, willpower and life-force. It can make you stand out, lead others and manage your power well.

The Sun is comfortable in its own sign, Leo, and is exalted (strongest) in the fire sign, Aries.

Moon – The Queen

Whilst the Sun is Yang – the masculine element and king, the Moon is Yin, the queenly female influence. The Sun sends out its radiance, and the Moon reflects it back.

The Moon is the Queen of the cabinet, as well as the mother. As a mother she is nurturing and protective, and brings security. Representing the mind, the Moon deals with our emotions and how we feel about things.

The Moon rules the sign Cancer, is exalted (strongest) in Taurus and debilitated (weakest) in Scorpio. When the Moon is afflicted, it can cause difficulties in the mental and emotional world.

Mercury – The Prince

Mercury as the prince has a youthful spirit and a keen, intelligent mind. He can be a trickster, or has a good sense of humor and wit. Communication of all kinds comes naturally to him, and his intellect is sharp. As the prince, Mercury is close to the king, and can be seen as the voice in his ear. Mercury as the prince is always learning, with a knack for talking and writing, and is keen on short distance travels.

Mercury represents how we use our mind and talents, including how we think and process information. A strong placement of Mercury, such as in its own sign of Gemini and Virgo, brings clear thinking, intelligence and good communication.

Venus – The Princess

Imagine a beautiful, graceful princess with luxurious clothes, flowers in her hair and sweet smelling perfume. She is attractive and creative, enjoying artistic pursuits, writing and music.

These are the characteristics of Venus, which represents beauty, wealth, romance and luxury. Venus, the Princess of the cabinet, is seeked out by many.

Mars – The Commander in Chief

Mars as the Commander in Chief is assertive and energetic. He executes the king’s orders and is always ready to fight and protect the kingdom. He is a quick responder, with great courage and a tough side that allows him to tackle any situation. An expert in decisive planning, he can deal with being in charge. He can, however, be angry, impulsive and aggressive.

Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. When Mars is placed in these signs in your chart it can bring great drive, action and passion.

Jupiter - Teacher of Chief Advisor to the King

Jupiter as the king’s chief minister is the wise guide, and teaches the art of expanding one’s vision and rising about worldly impurities. He brings a spiritual quality to the cabinet, representing philosophy of the highest nature. As the Guru he confidently advises and protects. His presence brings optimism, happiness and freedom.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, and is exalted in Cancer, where its presence brings great comfort to home and family.

Saturn - The Servant

Saturn is the worker or the servant of the cabinet. In order to achieve anything, consistent hard work is required, and Saturn knows it. He is serious, slow and steady, and may be the cause of delays. But he has the ability to persevere and carry on even in the face of adversity.

Rahu and Ketu - The Soldiers

Rahu as a soldier of the advancing army marches out to conquer. He seeks worldly fame and material things. He doesn’t get easily satisfied by what he conquers and always seeks more.

Ketu, on the other hand, is the soldier that occupies the territory he has conquered in the past. He isn’t interested in material advancement, but instead looks inwards in a quest for enlightenment. Interested in what is beyond this world, he has psychic abilities, but experiences self doubt and often feels that something is missing in life.

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