Venus, planet of romance and security, enters Sagittarius-Mula from December 5 to December 16th, the nakshatra associated with essentials and foundations.

Mula’s symbol of a Root shows you getting into ultimate values and setting up a foundation for your partnership going forwards. At home or in business, it’s a good time to work down past superficial appearances and get into the heart of the matter.

The Shakti, or special power, of this asterism, ‘To Ruin and Tear Apart’ means you can clear out old attachments and let positive new energy in. Introduce a new style into your relationship and break away from any liaison which has grown routine or predictable.

You may run up against a clash of values in love, but also find a totally different romantic setting and breathe new life into an affair. Venus is also the planet of money and luxuries, which takes some adjusting to in ascetic and otherworldly Mula, but it’s time to appreciate peace and pure aesthetic qualities, and perhaps a partner who shares your tastes.

There is more to this transit than love versus money, but you still pass up regular frills and trappings in favour of quality time with someone you truly value. This asterism is ruled by Nirriti who represents accidents and mishaps, and is also identified with Goddess Alakshmi, who governs shortage and privation.

So this is not a good time for Venusian indulgence or financial speculation, but more for stripping down and simplifying your world. Expressing yourself creatively also comes more for the love of your art and creating a real statement, than for any financial or ego rewards.

Venus moves closely alongside Mercury, planet of communication, also in this nakshatra, which gives you a gift for persuasion, sweet speech and seduction.

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