Venus, planet of love and art, is in the Gandanta zone between fire and water signs from July 14th to 20th.

The final pada of Ashlesha through the first of Magha comprises this ‘knot-end’ which is characterized by an unstable and rather fated quality. Relationship-wise this may see you behaving unusually or having a passing attraction to somebody outside your regular type.

A partner or friend may also be acting out of character and you feel tested and struggle to manage the situation. Venus in Ashlesha operates on feeling and instinct, where you tune in on a subtle level and romantically hypnotize someone – or they do the same to you.

The switch from this mode to proud, fiery Leo-Magha is a big jump, where it takes time to find your feet, and somebody may take the romantic initiative for you. Especially since Venus sits closely together with dynamic Mars during this transit, giving you a more impulsive style and a need to make things happen.

Take it easy. If you sense a change of mood from your partner, don’t feel under pressure to adapt immediately. Allow yourself become more open and demonstrative and enjoy this feeling from people close to you. You can keep your intuition and insight, but move to a more upbeat and motivational mode, even though this comes across initially as rather jarring.

Your artistic direction may also evolve, where your creative work becomes bolder and more colourful, and you are not dealing so much with emotional factors.

Your business instincts may change abruptly too, as you become bolder and more adventurous in your spending and ambitions, and the advice you receive may also go through a gear-shift.

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