The Sun, ruler of soul and self-expression, is in the Gandanta zone between Pisces and Aries and the nakshatras of Revati and Ashwini from April 10th to 17th 2023.

This double-border area extends either side of zodiacal fire and water signs and asterisms, and may bring a period of instability, where your plans fall in between two extremes. Expect to work a little harder and perhaps have to adjust before getting your intention pushed through.

Gandata means ‘knot-end’ where you find an obstacle to overcome, and the Sun’s usual ego-oriented style doesn’t strike such a powerful chord. The last pada of Revati, from April 10th-14th emphasizes imagination and empathy, qualities which are more useful than the usual solar bravado.

You may do better with a low-key attitude, or else let someone else take the credit for a while. Still, make sure to mix widely and make yourself known, as the Gandanta energy can be unfocused and undermining, where people mistake your quiet style for a lack of confidence.

Revati’s Shakti is ‘To Protect’, and you can be supportive towards a friend at the start of this phase and also invest in some self-love. By April 14th, the Sun shifts to its maximum power in Aries, where Ashwini’s Shakti for Quick Action finds you direct, impulsive and restless.

It’s precisely at this time you should double-check before leaping to an adrenaline-fueled pursuit, and make sure that friends and supporters are in tune with your moves.

This half of the transit favours a completely new and unexpected solution to an old stalemate, and taking a calculated risk sets the tone for the coming month.

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