Jupiter, planet of expansion and belief, is in the third pada of Dhanishtha from November 20th to December 15th, for the third and final time in 2021, after being in this pada from mid-August to mid-September, and previously in April.

So enjoy an opportunity to complete your decision-making and learning, and make a last call on a plan than has hung in the balance this year. 

Dhanishtha pada three is in the Aquarius portion this asterism and relates to Libra navamsha – the relationship and subtle-body chart – which brings an underlying sharing quality to Aquarius’s detached nature. You can clear up romantic intrigue from earlier in the year, or perhaps make a commitment that has been uncertain or obstructed. You resolve different potential partners or romantic scenarios, and may be better off getting closer to the person you are with – or else problems ease so you can live happily in the moment. 

Jupiter in this pada has an airy and intellectual quality, which favours finding someone to relate to closely and bounce ideas off. A partner with a brain is a must, and you may strike a rapport with one special person in a group or bond over a search for higher truth. Be mindful of indecision when you weigh up two equally attractive options, and again, refer to recent experience to make your final call. 

Dhanishtha is ruled by the Ashta (eight) Vasus, the auspicious wealth-givers in Vedic mythology, and its Shakti, or special gift, is also ‘To Bestow Wealth and Fame’, so your success comes through generosity and intellectual class. 

From December 6th, Jupiter receives the influence of pushy Mars, which gives you an impulsive and independent way of asserting your beliefs.

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