Venus, planet of love and art, enters Bharani in the zodiacal sign of Aries on June 4th until 15th 2022.

Bharani’s name means ‘she who bears’, while its symbol of a Vulva associates with giving birth – either physically, or in the sense of spawning plans and creative ideas. These feminine and maternal qualities give you a flair for catering and hospitality, where you look after people or take a caring role in a job or business.

Your romantic affections may be rather overpowering to some, so be mindful of giving your partner breathing space, even if close attention sits naturally with Venus’s caring and passionate nature. Bharani’s Shakti is ‘the power to carry things away’, in the sense of a spiritual transformation or perhaps removing an obstacle from your life, and this quality can go different ways.

An initial separation may be difficult, even if it is your idea, so it pays not to be too impulsive or to get ‘carried away’ in the moment. This nakshatra’s ruler, Yama, Lord of Death, affirms its transforming energy and you may have to let one project go before starting on another, or else by achieving your goals you eliminate a desire and move on feeling freer.

You can also take the initiative with a creative plan for your work, as part of a drive for achievements and ambition. Expect some romantic intrigue in this transit, or else find that someone is going all-out to impress you or even make a conquest.

Venus is pressed between the benevolent influences of Mercury and Jupiter however, which gives you an added harmony and perhaps an interest in studying and mind-expansion. You like to break the ice in company, and may find a romantic rapport based on a shared love of knowledge, books or spirituality.

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