Venus, planet of love and art, enters the nakshatra of Revati, in the sign of Pisces on May 12th.

Venus is at its most powerful in this constellation, giving you an irresistible romantic nature and a power of belief that is truly transformative. Having faith not only inspires a lover or friend but helps turn them into the person they secretly want to be.

This nakshatra means ‘The Wealthy’ and promises fortune and fine personal qualities, and is particularly favourable for those people on the road. You may have wanderlust with visions of a faraway place, somewhere you can visit with your partner or else take the chance to find romance while you are away.

The Shakti, or special power, of this nakshatra is also ‘To Protect’, and you can be there for your partner and make a gesture or donation while also being an excellent host.

This is a great time for entertaining and perhaps doing some subtle match-making: Revati’s nature is Sattvic and spiritual, with no hidden agenda, so you can be selfless and take genuine pleasure in seeing a friend paired-up.

Accepting an invitation for yourself also brings an experience you would otherwise miss. Revati’s symbol, the Drum has is associated with timing where you can deliver a task on time and while conditions are helpful. You can push an artistic project along by a deadline and supply to order rather than waiting for inspiration.

Venus is powerful in this transit, but squeezed between the severe influences of Rahu and Saturn, where you may be caught in the middle of two very difference types of people.

Practice being a good listener and you call upon all your forgiving and peace-making qualities to make yourself even more popular.

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