The Sun is in Punarvasu from July 5th to 19th, crossing the zodiacal signs of Gemini and Cancer.

This nakshatra’s symbol of a Quiver of Arrows shows an adventurous flight of thought and imagination, where adventure comes to find you on a mental and spiritual level. Punarvasu is ruled by Aditi, the Divine Mother, who presides over noble virtues and infinity itself, and this nakshatra’s Shakti, or special gift, for Renewal and Replenishment, gives you fresh energy to tap into.

A generous spirit wins you friends and influence, and you have great potential power in the arts and self-expression. This transit begins with the New Moon in Punarvasu on July 5th, where you shine a light on your needs and also those of friends and co-workers who are influenced by your choices.

You may get the benefit of a course or program of study you have recently completed, or made sacrifices to pursue. From July 7th to 16th especially, you feel more supported and secure in your position, and a senior role comes more easily. Punarvasu is the traditional birth nakshatra of Lord Rama, the Avatar-King, whose bow and arrow were symbolic of his character and destiny.

The Sun is also the natural karaka of kingship, and people are in sympathy with your choices, or else having an influential contact on your side makes a difference. A path or ambition that you have left unexplored comes back into your life for a purpose, and you can look forward to an inner revelation coming from a character-forming experience.

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