Sun, planet of self-expression is in the nakshatra of Revati, in the sign of Pisces from March 31st to April 13th 2021.

This nakshatra means ‘the wealthy’ and gives you the promise of fortune and fine personal qualities, particularly for travellers and those on the road. You may have wanderlust now, with visions of faraway places, which is good to indulge, or else you take the chance and simply go where your journey takes you.

The Sun by transit shines a light wherever it lands so a trip away can be illuminating and give unexpected insight. Revati’s ruling deity is Pushan, the defender of lost people and animals, so you might also be offering hospitality or taking on an animal companion as a soulmate.

The Shakti, or special power, of this nakshatra is also ‘To Protect’, and you get a good feeling from giving support, while being a generous host yourself. This is an excellent time for entertaining and also for understanding a friend or partner deep down: you put aside the Sun’s usual egocentric energy and let somebody take the lead.

Revati’s nature is Sattvic and spiritual, with no hidden agendas, so you can be selfless and use your solar power to give genuine encouragement and guidance. You can accept an invitation and find an experience you would otherwise miss out on.

Revati’s symbol, the Drum, has connotations with timing and you are conscious of delivering a task on time or while conditions are helpful. You seize the moment and take responsibility for a collective task, which sees you step into line for promotion.

The Sun is with the benevolent planets Mercury and Venus during this transit, which gives you a pleasing and persuasive style that draws people towards you.

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