Ketu, the shadow planet of spirituality and escape, is in the first pada of Jyeshtha within the sign of Scorpio from March 30th to June 1st 2021.

This area falls in Sagittarius navamsha, the subchart governing relationship and the subtle body, so there is a sense of finding a guiding philosophy as well Scorpio’s usual mystical approach. There may be some tension between your desire for privacy or secrecy, versus a franker and more open attitude, where you tell things exactly as they are.

Some ideas can only be understood through direct experience, and you find success through studying and taking on the best of the academic and the spiritual, or seek an underpinning for your more exotic beliefs.

Jyeshtha’s name translates to The Elder, and its Shakti or special gift, is for Courage in Battle, so there is a bold and crusading quality to this transit. Get the most from meditation and psychology, where Ketu gives you a vision and transcendence, and channel this insight into your studies.

You can also find fulfilment through your desire to travel and explore, even only on an inner level, and you broaden your horizons wherever you happen to be. This nakshatra is symbolized by the Umbrella, or Talisman, so this Jupiter-ruled pada has affinity with protection and the desire to help.

Donating generously to a spiritual cause helps your resources go further and you maintain faith in your personal mission through all weathers.

From May 2nd to 29th, Ketu is affected directly by the benevolent planets Mercury and Venus – a spiritual partner may be influential at this time, or else you find somebody with whom you share a special and unspoken rapport.

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