Mercury, planet of intellect and commerce, is in the nakshatra of Mula within the sign of Sagittarius from Nov 27th to December 9th 2023, the nakshatra associated with the bare essentials and getting underneath the surface.

Mula’s symbol of a Root is reflected by its placement at the Galactic Centre, which makes you dive into the heart of a subject and follow an idea or concept for its own sake. Your purist’s love of knowledge means you enjoy doing research in seclusion for a startling new article or theory, even if you don’t get immediate reward.

Mula’s Shakti, or unique gift, ‘To Ruin and Break Apart’, also sees you overcoming obstacles and exploding myths, and focusing only on a subject that stands up to your strict standards.

Nirriti, the ruler of this asterism, is identified with Alakshmi, the Goddess of material scarcity, which is said to make Mula unfortunate for borrowing, speculation or gambling – but don’t let this blind you to a genuine new opportunity.

This is a still good transit to ‘plant’ a future ambition or study, and Mercury is naturally inclined to networking and doing deals. Mercury also receives the glance of scholarly Jupiter through this whole transit, which comes to maximum power around December 8th and 9th.

You combine an eye for detail with a grasp of the bigger picture, and the different parts of a subject come together as a whole. This is an excellent time to study philosophy or esoteric science like astrology, and an inspiring teacher is on hand to guide you.

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