Mars, planet of energy and dynamism moves into the Gandanta zone between water and fire zodiacal signs and nakshatras from December 23rd 2023 to January 1st 2024.

There is a sharp contrast between the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, and Jyeshta and Mula, and any planet moving through this border region carries an unsupported quality. Mars’s usual mode is to get on with the action, but you meet constant obstacles and also an inner reluctance to assert yourself.

Allow yourself more time. Jyeshta’s Shakti is for ‘Courage in Battle’ and Mula’s is to ‘Ruin and Destroy’, and this potentially volatile contrast stresses the need to tread carefully.  Scorpio is a powerful place for Mars, where you have energy and initiative, especially if you are on a work mission or your back is to the wall.

Going through the exact Gandanta zone, Mars emerges in otherworldly Mula on December 27th where you are more concerned with finding the truth than being openly rewarded. You are more open and less intense at this point, though your motivation may be esoteric and hard for others to understand.

You achieve harmony between these two nakshatra energies by researching and uncovering hidden knowledge. You also come to understand more about your relationship dynamics. The aspect of karmic Saturn on Mars in Scorpio-Jyesthta may also make you reluctant to move, and you make sure everything is in place before you commit.

Keeping the brakes on goes against Mars’s natural impulses, but edging slowly into a new field is a smart use of your powers.

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