Human beings are complex creatures, aren’t we? There are many layers to our personalities and behaviors. And, as if it wasn’t hard enough to know ourselves, getting to grips with a partner can be even more challenging.

Why is it that some people are prone to falling in and out of love quickly, while others meet their beloved in school and never part? Some are born romantics and others are more serious or aloof.

Such characteristics can be seen in the birth chart – a map of our astrological blueprint, determined by the planetary energies at the moment we were born. Understanding our chart and the current planetary movements that affect it gives us clues as to why we feel or behave the way we do in our relationship.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you and your partner could make decisions together based on the combined planetary activity in both of your charts? The great news is that soon you will be able to do exactly that with align27’s new Together feature. You’ll be able to decide what to do and when, based on both your charts. You’ll easily see when it’s a powerful time to drive towards your shared goals, and when it’s best to avoid communication and keep the peace by sitting back, relaxing and watching a movie together.

In the meantime, here are 4 features you can already use to help maintain a fulfilling and loving relationship.

1. Blame the Planets - Not Your Partner!

The Personality Profile in align27 allows you to add up to 9 profiles of your friends, family and partner – or potential partners. It displays your Vedic birth chart, where you can see in which house and sign each planet is placed in your chart.

When we analyze our own chart we can identify patterns in our relationships and interactions, and we grow in self awareness. By looking at our partner’s chart we begin to understand the underlying reasons for their behavior, as per the planetary influences. It then becomes easier to accept and work with the character traits that we might have otherwise found challenging. In short, we can blame the planets rather than blaming them!

2. Embrace Venus’ Love and Handle Mars’ Ego

Venus governs relationships. Beauty, femine energy, sense pleasures and creativity are all ruled by Venus. When Venus is placed well in a chart, the path of love is smooth. Its placement gives us an indication of who we are attracted to and what kind of relationships we thrive in. It is also the indicator of the spouse in a male’s chart. Your Personality Profile will tell you in which house and sign Venus is placed and will explain what that means for you, so you can see what makes you happy in love, according to your planets.

Mars, the planet of raw energy and action, is feared in relationship compatibility because if one partner is selfish or gets too caught in their ego, then Venus gets overpowered. Men are ruled by Mars and so by nature, they naturally want to have things their way. But ego can come up in either partner.

If there is too much ego in a relationship, the secret is to make your partner feel that they are getting their way. Make them feel like a hero. Rather than pointing out their mistakes and starting arguments, you can use your creativity to get what you need. Instead of making demands, ask things like “could you find time to pick up the kids today so I can make that great dinner for you?” or “I’m not feeling well today, could you help me with my work?” Asking in this way helps maintain harmony between you.

3. Red Day? Avoid Confrontation

The Moon, which represents your mind, stays in each zodiac sign for just over two days, and when it changes sign your mood changes. Similarly, when the different planets transit particular points in your birth chart, it can affect your state of mind, emotional sensitivity and ability to think and communicate clearly. There are some times when your energy is high and you have the clarity of mind and sensitivity to have fruitful conversations with your partner, and other times where you need to be careful of your words.

align27 calculates all this for you, so if you are planning a heart to heart with your partner, or need to bring up something difficult, align with your celestial support and choose a Green day and a Golden or Productive Moment to do it. Similarly, avoid confrontation on Red Days and Silence Moments. These are great times to lie low, mediate and look within for answers.

4. Stay Centered

A perfect relationship where everything goes smoothly at all times isn’t really realistic, nor is it as ideal as it might seem. After all, while we may feel good during the easy times, it is the challenging times that bring inner growth. The ups and downs, obstacles and challenges we face keep us on our toes, make life interesting and bring out the skills in us.

One of the most important things for any relationship to work is that each individual is balanced and centered within themselves, and comes from a space of giving rather than taking or demanding.

In the Sattva Mantras and Meditation app there is a toolkit of meditations and chants that you can schedule into your day to keep a calm mind and stay centered. When you are able to take care of your own mind, then you can be present for your partner too.

5. Practise Relationship Rituals

If you are going through a difficult time in your relationship, putting four pieces of Turmeric at the four corners of your bed helps to bring protection. Turmeric is connected to the planet Jupiter, which has the ability to bring auspiciousness and good fortune to your relationship.

Similarly there are specific mantras you can chant, divine forces to honor and rituals you can do at particular times according to your birth chart to help you in your relationship.

Check out the Relationships Rituals in align27 to see suggestions that are personalized for you.

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