Mercury, planet of thought and commerce, is in close proximity to the Sun from in Aquarius between February 28th to March 16th 2023.

This makes Mercury ‘combust’ or burnt up in the Sun’s rays, which symbolically has an effect on your decision-making and all-round state of mind. You may be overwhelmed by too much information, or oppressed by conforming to someone else’s agenda, but in any case you are concerned about saying and choosing the right thing.

You have ego invested in your ideas, but may lack detachment, and struggle to put your thoughts across clearly. This transit is rather like Mercury being eclipsed, with the same sense of unease and subjective thinking, and the intensity of combustion increases up to March 16th.

However, the Sun-Mercury combination also makes Budhaditya Yoga, which promises speechmaking skills and business acumen, as well as potential for educational honours.

Your extreme mental focus also sees you confronting openly an issue you would otherwise ignore, though it is as well to get professional advice or talk to a trusted friend for some perspective. Aquarius is known for innovative and futuristic thinking, where technology or new media may also make a task easier.

Both Sun and Mercury also join together with strict, karmic, Saturn through this whole transit, which gives you extra willpower and discipline. Saturn can be a pessimistic influence, but you assess a situation realistically at this point and address matters from a worldly and practical point of view.

Expect to spell your thought and speech out literally, with no room for hints or suggestions, which can be frustrating in a personal relationship. Still, once you have reached a mutual understanding, the chances are it will last far beyond the present time.

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