Following the year we have had, 2021 brings fresh hope, new wisdom, revived faith and more determination.
Aligning this personalized according to your Moon or Ascendant sign (according to the Vedic system of astrology) can ensure you really make the most out of your 2021.
Below are one line excerpts from the actual 2021 Predictive Horoscope report.


The New Year begins with Mars, planet of action and your ruler, in Aries until February 22nd. You are straight down to business in your best impulsive style, make your mind up quickly, and have energy to chase up all leads.


Rahu, the shadow planet of desire and the exotic, is in Taurus all through the year. It brings changes connected to your personal approach, appearance and style, and suggests this may be a time of significant change.


Jupiter here also affects your business interests and shared finances, and you may receive a boost from outside investment or simply benefit from using other people’s resources.


There is a big emphasis on your relationships in 2021, with important planets giving different influences – some for expansion, others for consolidation.


You are striking a balance between doing a mundane task for experience and simply to earn a wage, versus following your absolute vocation and the work you were put here to do.


Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde three times in 2021, where it can delay or confuse your messages and decision-making, but also bring you a second chance.


These three-week windows are periods of review where you reconsider your options and someone from the past may return into your life. Be careful with major decisions or purchases at these times.


This period gives you expansion and positive feelings in the area of your home and family. During this time you are attending to your roots and setting up firm foundations upon which to build your life.


Opportunities as well as challenges come in this area, and you will likely find you have resources when you need them – both to cover costs and to launch a new plan.


You are used to taking responsibility, but this year especially finds you with pressure heaped on your shoulders – this same signature also gives you great promise for success.


This transit can bring long-range travel, perhaps from a sense of seeking or pilgrimage, and you may even consider the prospect of emigration. This would likely only come alongside other astrological influences


You may pursue a job, possession or individual, but be aware desire itself is your motivating force and once you achieve your goal, you are straight on to the next conquest

The report can be used as a personal guide for you for 2021, so you can plan important life moments at the best time for you, such as career decisions, periods best for romance, matters related to health, family reunions, holidays, investments and times to tread with caution. It will show you all the planet transits for the year ahead and what this means for you – highlighting key areas of focus.

To go deeper, this live consultation will help you gain clarity on decisions or changes that you’d like to make in 2021. It will help you understand the karmas due to you in 2021 and to consider its influences. You will also be guided through simple, practical rituals and remedies that can harmonise planetary energies, which can assist you to strengthen good planets and quieten the not so favorable ones. Use the knowledge of your 2021 to work in your favour.

Bring more balance and wellbeing to your life and kick start the New Year with these products to help guide your 365 days ahead.

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