Venus, planet of love and luxury, moves into Sagittarius/ Purva Ashada on January 14th until 25th 2021.

This transit has promise for a lasting romantic affair, with a secure and protected feeling, though you may also be in the mood for adventure. You have done enough building and preparation and the time has come to reward yourself, let go and enjoy life a little. This nakshatra’s symbol is a sieve or fan, which is used to separate wheat from the chaff, and it may see a sort-out in your affairs, when you decide what is important and what sort of company you want.

Purva Ashada’s Shakti, or unique power, is for ‘Invigoration and Renewal’, and Venus here rekindles your love-life, either by turning over a new page with your partner or finding somebody new. Perhaps you try a different approach or hang out in unfamiliar circles, but there is a strong feeling of freshening up the romantic format. Purva Ashada is ruled by Apas, the personification of water, and you are symbolically watering your relationships, bringing new growth, and may also decide on a holiday by the sea, swimming, sailing or travelling by ship – or else a journey overseas brings you new love interest.

This asterism is also known to be a good debater, so you get into arguments and discussions over your beliefs and security concerns, but always with a strong diplomatic quality. If you are challenged in a relationship, you argue back and in the end your opinion prevails – but make sure you are prepared for a long campaign.  Freedom is a top priority and you may choose to move on than be limited by people you have little in common with.

Purva Ashada is also symbolized by a Tusk, which gives a connection to Ganesha, and chanting his mantra now helps break new ground and smoothes out obstacles in your relationships.

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