Jupiter, planet of expansion, spirituality and good fortune, is in the third pada of Uttara Ashada from December 7th to 23rd, the portion of this nakshatra within the sign of Capricorn.
This is Jupiter’s sign of fall, where it operates in an unusually calculating and businesslike fashion, unlike its natural spontaneous, free-spirited style. Uttara pada three equates to Aquarius navamsha (D9) – the spirituality and relationship chart – which emphasizes the transit’s serious and saturnine energy, though there is also a broader and more humanitarian attitude that finds Jupiter more at home. You can accept a limited remit in your work for the prospect of future benefits, especially when a shared goal is there to inspire your idealism and generosity.
Politics and campaigning may suit your tastes at this time where you become interested in a particular philosophy or approach to the wider problems of the world. The Shakti or unique gift of this nakshatra is for ‘unchallenged victory’, so you also find yourself achieving or building on past efforts, so that you are simply reaping the rewards for work already put in the bank. Being public spirited and unselfish in good Aquarian style is key to your victory and you can still plan ahead for yourself and take the longer strategic view. Uttara Ashada is a smart and diplomatic asterism which gives the promise of a wide circle of friends, and is ruled by the Ten Vishwadevas, the mythical personification of sattvic qualities and nobility.
Jupiter is moving swiftly now and this transit also sees it coming together with Saturn in Capricorn-Uttara Ashada for their all-important conjunction, peaking on December 21st: plan for a once-in-a-generation moment for your future direction and personal development.
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