Jupiter in Krittika Pada 2 - 1 May to 15 May

From May 1st to 15th, 2024, Jupiter will transit through Pada (part) Two of Krittika in Taurus, bringing a time of profound protection and expansion grounded in practical reality. This phase encourages a thoughtful balance between generosity and caution, urging you to apply knowledge practically and strip away unnecessary burdens. As Jupiter breaks free from Saturn’s constrictive influence, get ready for a liberation in your life’s ambitions, with May 8th and 9th spotlighted as pivotal days for personal reflection and strengthening emotional connections.

Dive into the full predictions to discover how this significant astrological event can spark transformative changes in your life!

Venus in Bharani - 5 May to 16 May

From May 5th to 16th, 2024, Venus graces the dynamic sign of Aries in the nurturing nakshatra of Bharani, heralding a period of intense emotional and creative energies. Known as ‘she who bears’, Bharani fuels your talents in hospitality and caring professions, while also intensifying romantic feelings that may demand careful handling to avoid overwhelming your loved ones. This transit is marked by opportunities for deep personal transformation—whether in letting go of old projects or embarking on new endeavors with a solid partner by your side, especially potent until May 10th. Harness these energies to make meaningful advances in both your personal and professional life, and consider making significant commitments around mid-May.

Dive deeper into how this transit can influence your love, creativity, and personal growth.

Rahu in Revati Pada 1 - 6 May to 8 July

From May 6th to July 8th, 2024, Rahu transits through the first pada (part) of Pisces-Revati, an auspicious phase dubbed ‘The Wealthy’, amplifying desires for material success and worldly experiences. This transit encourages a blend of spirituality and ambition, urging you to explore philosophical depths through business ventures or educational pursuits, possibly leading to international connections. As Rahu coexists with Mars until June 1st, be mindful of overzealous actions that may be perceived as extreme; strive for balance and caution during this dynamic period, especially from May 17th to 20th.

Curious about how Rahu’s transit through Revati could reshape your ambitions and global perspectives?

Ketu in Hasta Pada 3 - 6 May to 8 July

From May 6th to July 8th, 2024, Ketu will transit through Hasta Pada (part) Three, enhancing your dexterity and spiritual depth. This period promotes a strong connection to crafts and divinatory arts like astrology, channeling Ketu’s energy into productive and reflective practices. Coupled with Mercury’s influence, you’re encouraged to refine communication skills and perhaps undertake writing as a form of self-discovery. Keep focused on your goals without spreading yourself too thin, and utilize this time to develop a clearer understanding of your path and potentials.

Eager to harness Ketu’s transformative energy in Hasta Pada Three?

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