Jupiter, the planet of protection and expansion, is in Pada (part) Four of Krittika, in the sign of Taurus, from May 29th to June 13th, 2024.

Krittika’s symbol is a Flame or Razor and its ruling deity Agni embodies sacred fire, so a quality here sees you clearing away excess and achieving clarity. Pada Four relates to Pisces navamsa, the subtle chart of marriage and dharma, where Jupiter has an affinity and basic strength.

This double-Jupiterian transit gives you powers of faith and intuition, where you find spiritual answers without needing to be shown or told. You have empathy and clear insight into people, and someone may open up to you when you listen, as you help them make a real transformation.

You see things in your partner that may be hidden at other times, and by responding and understanding, bring out their romantic and otherworldly qualities even more. Pada Four of a nakshatra relates to the Moksha, or liberation tendency in life, which is enhanced by a spiritual type of relationship.

You can enjoy a strong, unspoken romantic rapport, and there may be a saviour-type situation where you come together for mutual support and protection. Your inner life is the most important thing, however, as you work on developing a state that remains constant in all weathers.

Look to build both psychic and material security, as Jupiter is joined by multiple planets in Taurus which emphasise grounding and comfort. You are loyal but stubborn, and June 4th brings an answer after a period of intense mental focus.

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