Mercury, planet of communication and intelligence is in Vishakha, the nakshatra across the signs of Libra and Scorpio from November 21st to 30th.

This transit gives you powers of concentration which are perfect for studying and research, and a fascinating subject is all it takes for you to become completely immersed in your work. Vishakha is ruled by Indragni, a combination of Indra, King of the Gods and Agni, the embodiment of divine fire, which creates a Phoenix-like deity. This fiery nakshatra makes you a great campaigner, where you may be involved in and raising awareness for your chosen political ideal or outlook.

Vishakha’s symbol is a Victory Arch and the Shakti, or special power, of this asterism is ‘To Achieve Many Fruits in Life’ – which all gives great promise, but make sure your ambitions don’t become all-consuming. Appreciate that others have their opinions too and instead of making right-or-wrong arguments, work subtly and make your proposals a ‘win-win’. This way you head opposition at the start and people want to see you succeed.

While preparing the ground for victory, you may confront rivals with similar aspirations and get drawn into a bigger political scenario. This can make you feel like a pawn in a game, so be on the lookout for ulterior motives in your co-workers and make sure your business connections are on the level. Mercury is paired with Venus and also receives the influence of pushy Mars up to November 28th, which gives you further diplomatic flair as well as passion and drive for your crusade: use this combination to your advantage.

Take extra time when making decisions around November 30th’s Lunar Eclipse in particular, where your ambitions come to a pinnacle.

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