Venus, planet of love and art, is in the Gandanta zone between zodiacal signs and nakshatras from January 15th to 21st 2024.

Gandanta translates to ‘knot-end’ where the junction of zodiacal signs and lunar asterisms meet, creating a mini-chasm that results in a potentially unstable romantic scenario. This crossover at the cusps of fire and water sign makes a turbulent passage through these degrees, and Jyeshta and Mula are particularly sharply contrasting energies.

The intensity of Scorpio gives way to open and adventurous Sagittarius, and two uncompromising nakshatras also bump up against each other. In Jyeshta, The Elder, your focus is on providing protection and taking charge, but Mula is more detached and thoughtful.

Venus moves from an intense and secretive to an open and demonstrative style on January 18th, and takes in the influence of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. You may feel you have limited yourself too much up to this point, but suddenly demanding freedom can be confusing for your partner.

This transition may also see a friend or lover acting out of character, or you finding a sudden infatuation with somebody outside your usual type. Take it easy: if you sense a strange vibe in your relationship, don’t feel under pressure to adapt immediately.

You may be less guarded now, but don’t come with any pre-set expectations. Switching to an upbeat and freedom-loving mode may take a little explaining If you have been all empathy and insight up to now.

Your creative work also moves in a new direction, where you go from a personal artistic statement to broader and more philosophical themes. Indulge your spiritual and detached side in the company of those who understand you best.

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