Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, is in Shatabhishak from March 10th until 18th, the nakshatra within the zodiacal sign of Aquarius.

Shatabhishak translates to ‘a hundred medicines’ (or doctors) and its Shakti, or special gift, is for Healing. Your mind now turns to wellness or good health, in whatever form the issue takes for you, and Mercury makes you curious and intelligent.

You may be gathering information or reading about a particular form of medicine, mind-food or positive- thinking program, and have a good bond with knowledge. This asterism is ruled by Varuna, God of the Seas, which brings contact with actual water or immersion in the inner meditative ocean.

You can use water to hydrate and to heal, or simply find being close to the sea or coast has a calming and inspiring effect. Shatabhishak’s symbol is an invisible container or shoreline which suggests infinity, in the sense of separating the land from the sea, or the earth from the sky, so you can tap into a definite mystical quality here.

You ponder high-concept ideas, technology and occult divination – perhaps star-gazing or astrology, and reading, writing and communicating on all these areas plays to your strengths.

Still, make sure you don’t become so high and detached that you ignore your basic social skills – Shatabhishak has a reputation for blunt speech, which can come between you and friends and co-workers.

A good idea now needs diplomatic handling, and though you are smart and decisive, remember to weigh your words carefully. From March 15th, Mercury is placed between the harsh twin influence of Sun and Saturn, and putting an idea across and getting your own way takes all your persuasive powers.

Play up the positive side of any question and make people want to help you and believe in you.

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