Ketu, the shadow planet of spirituality and sacrifice is in the first pada (part) of Mula nakshatra, and moves through the Gandanta zone between fire and water signs between September 7th and October 7th 2020.

Usually planets going through this passage transit from water to fire, and from Jyesthta to Mula nakshatras, but backward-moving Ketu shifts in reverse. The transition from otherworldly Sagittarius-Mula to passionate Scorpio-Jyeshta is no less radical, and of all three such junction points in the zodiac, this one is perhaps the most volatile. The first pada of Mula relates to Aries navamsha – the spirituality and relationship chart – so in the period up to September 23rd when Ketu actually changes signs, you may be more impulsive with your spirituality or take a chance and venture out further. 

A spiritual transformation which has been a long time coming gets there suddenly, or you make a quick decision after a long period of thought. Mula’s Shakti, or special gift, is ‘to ruin and destroy’ which creates tension if you are building up and appreciating security and comfort, while also in renunciation mode and discovering what you can do without. 

Jyeshta meanwhile is The Elder, so you may find yourself with new skills and experience during this transit which takes time to bed in. Ketu is at home in a Mars-ruled sign, particularly Scorpio, so you may find an affinity here for your personal work or yoga routine. Pisces navamsha during this second phase from September 23rd gives an extra underlying empathy and romantic flavour, so you can relax and get into your meditation and creativity. Still, Jyeshta’s Shakti is for ‘Courage in Battle’ so you may take up a challenge or use your Ketu-like sensitivity to help someone or get behind a good cause. 

Caution is advised in any case, where the Gandanta energy is unstable and full of potential obstacles. Appreciate you are making a big step in your personal growth and allow time for a big transformation to take hold.

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