Venus, the planet of love and art, enters Rohini in the sign of Taurus from May 27th to June 7th, 2024.

This is a prime transit for Venus, where Rohini’s qualities of beauty, charm and flirtation make a perfect setting, in addition to this planet’s and Nakshatra’s shared links to agriculture and fertility.

Rohini is a classically feminine energy, associated with luxuries and fashion, where you can indulge someone you love and treat them to the finest quality. Its Shakti, ‘To Grow’, lets you expand your romantic rapport and your social circle, where you make yourself popular in the company.

Combine your natural flair for food and entertaining with a gift for seduction and putting people at ease. Rohini is ruled by Bramha the Creator, which boosts your creativity, and you can focus on taste and aesthetics to produce some genuinely striking work.

You can also enjoy quality time in museums, theatres and galleries, and a shared appreciation of beauty may be your entry into a new friendship. Your affections are fixed and you are persistent in your chase, as you win somebody around with non-stop attention.

You are open and expansive, even though you may need to work in a relationship where your partner’s beliefs and values are quite different. Venus gives you attractive steadiness and reliability and carries an even stronger influence at this time of year when several planets are in Taurus.

Venus conjoins the Rohini New Moon of June 6th exactly, and this is a time for a restart and statement of romantic intent.

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