What does 2022 have in store for you?

What areas of your life will need special attention and which will flourish? What dates do you need to be aware of and which do you need to leverage off?

With the uncertain and ‘wobbly’ year we’ve all had, we could do with some direction and clarity for 2022 right?

Two new products launch today on the Cosmic Insights shop to help ease you into 2022 with awareness, so you can plan your time and life events better.

The Personalized 2022 Predictions Report – $9.99 $14.99

The report can be used as a personal guide for you for 2022, so you can plan important life moments at the best time for you, such as career decisions, periods best for romance, matters related to health, family reunions, holidays, investments and times to tread with caution. It will show you all the planet transits for the year ahead and what this means for you – highlighting key areas of focus.

Early bird offer ends Dec 27, Monday

The New Year Consultation – $199.00

To go deeper, this live consultation will help you gain clarity on decisions or changes that you’d like to make in 2022. It will help you understand the karmas due to you in 2022 and to consider its influences. You will also be guided through simple, practical rituals and remedies that can harmonise planetary energies, which can assist you to strengthen good planets and quieten the not so favorable ones. Use the knowledge of your 2022 to work in your favour.

Bring more balance and wellbeing to your life and kick start the New Year with these products to help guide your 365 days ahead.

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