Mercury, planet of thought and speech, is in Jyeshta from Nov 24th to Dec 3rd, the last nakshatra in zodiacal Scorpio.

Jyeshta translates as ‘The Elder’, and its ruling devata Indra, King of the Gods, sees you stepping up and taking responsibility as a spokesperson and voice of experience. Either you are dealing with older people or your expertise in a specialist area gives you extra influence.

This asterism is associated with Alakshmi, the elder sister of Lakshmi Devi, and may signify scarcity or lack – so you can make positive moves to boost your income, or investigate a new career avenue. Mercury is the planet of business and commerce, so step up and excercise your powers of ingenuity to create new tie-ins and a potential profit stream.

Your mental gifts are in demand and you can use media to extend your reach. Jyeshta’s Shakti, or special gift, is for Courage in Battle, so prepare to be the lone voice defending a point of view and to argue hard for your case.

A friend or colleague may also look to you to speak up for them, so prepare to be a crusader on someone else’s behalf. Try to show a little flexibility, however, as being too fixed and intransigent in your opinions may inflame a situation and see others speak out against you.

Mercury remains closely together with diplomatic Venus, also in Jyeshta, through this transit, which gives your speech a blend of the tough and the tender. You can address a difficult subject in a tactful way, or make a business pitch based on a promise that tempts others to come on board.

A quality of fun and flirtation sees people drawn to your sense of humour and charm.

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