Mars, planet of drive and action, enters the nakshatra of Pushya within Cancer on May 16th until June 8th.

Cancer is the sign of Mars’s debilitation, but Pushya is a highly auspicious and fine-quality nakshatra which gives a positive and supportive nature and a desire to find meaning in life.

Pushya’s symbol is the Udder which is all about caring and nurturing, and your motivation and desires now are bound up with looking after people closest to you.

This transit puts your attention on providing security, where Mars has a tenacious quality that sees you in battling and protective mood. You may be drawn into an actual caring environment, like a hospital, hotel or spa, or simply tap into your finely-tuned instincts about people’s needs.

Pushya is ruled by Brihaspati which gives you a drive towards bigger significance, plus an inclination to fight fair in a sporting and generous spirit. You thrive on reading matter, higher learning and inspiration, and you are more likely to jump into action when driven by a crusading spirit.

The Shakti of this asterism is ‘The Power to Create Spiritual Energy’, so a strong and self-motivated style gives you wisdom and charisma, and inspires people to follow you.

You can investigate different esoteric traditions and philosophy, with a great generosity behind all your actions, as your focus is on studying, teaching and spreading knowledge.

Mars casts its energy on to slow-moving Saturn, Lord of Karma, through this whole transit and you may be working hard at transforming a stubborn person or deeply traditional organization.

Gentle persuasion works better than confrontation, and gradually your persistence has the desired impact.

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