Mars, planet of action and energy, is in Punarvasu, spanning the signs of Gemini and Cancer, from May 16th to June 7th 2021.

Punarvasu is associated with renewal and replenishment, where your supplies are restocked after the emotional outpouring of the previous Ardra nakshatra. Having a goal to work towards gives you inspiration over and above your usual capacity, and this nakshatra’s symbol of a Quiver of Arrows is associated with a long-distance vision.

You have the power to pull your arrow back and fire it towards an ambitious target, and your focus is on topping-up and chasing after material wealth and status. Mars gives you an adventurous streak where you challenge for your desires, or battle on behalf of others or for a shared cause or belief.

Though you are powerful and competitive, this nakshatra is associated with good conduct where even in the middle of a struggle you remain cheerful and centred. Your inner composure helps you reach success and no matter what, you always fight fair.

Punarvasu’s Shakti is the ‘Power to Acquire Wealth’, so you can be bold and enterprising, and have the courage to try something new. This nakshatra’s ruler is Aditi, a goddess of infinity, so as well as finding wealth, you have strength for meditation and self-development, where you are inwardly assured and self-reliant.

You search for a new source of security or renovate what you already hold – likewise, you can be either hungry for more power and status or remain satisfied with very little. Be careful of making an impulsive decision after May 29th – an attractive proposition may be on the table, but you don’t have to take the first offer you receive.

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