Mercury, planet of thought and speech, is in Leo-Purva Phalguni from August 3rd to 19th, the nakshatra which translates to ‘the previous red one’.

Purva’s symbol of a swinging hammock speaks to its relaxed nature, which is more concerned with pure pleasure and affection than a dramatic statement of opinion. You have definite views about big issues and like to remain independent, but also give yourself the freedom to indulge yourself and have fun.

Purva has fine quality and integrity, but you take things in a relaxed style and are more open to relationship and collaboration on a personal and business level.

This asterism’s ruling deity Aryaman, one of the divine Adityas, is invoked at the time of marriage, so you also like to flirt and play mental games and need a kindred spirit to bounce ideas off.

The Shakti, or unique gift, here is for ‘procreation’, though Mercury represents a more detached and idealised friendship, which may mean sharing your media and communication skills and giving birth to a new idea.

You are on the lookout for fun and stimulation, though this can lead you to be restless, ever-moving and easily distracted to the point where you end up not completing a task.

Mercury slows down over the course of this transit as it prepares to go retrograde, which gives you a more one-pointed focus and the ability to concentrate hard.

Mars also casting its effect on Mercury gives you an assertive and impulsive side, where you like to take the lead and have your own way: set yourself a goal and try to reach it. August 10th especially finds you in optimistic mood and you believe you can do anything set your mind to.

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