A partial lunar eclipse lands in Scorpio-Anuradha on May 26th at 10:50am GMT.

This event sees the Sun and Moon facing off across the shadowy Rahu-Ketu axis and the Solar Ego principle symbolically overshadowing the Moon’s emotional centre. The eclipse experience can be disorienting and lead you to act out of character, where anxious, turbulent feelings intrude, as if your usual frequency has shifted.

Small events trigger you in a major way, and your decision-making may be slightly askew, so it’s often better to sleep on an idea before committing, or at least not take a new proposal at face value.

Lunar Eclipse 2021 Personalized Remedies Report

An Eclipse is a time to go within and each Eclipse comes with remedies we can do according to the Nakshatra it is in and your own personal birth chart.

The personalized rituals and remedies report will give you practical guidelines and rituals that you can start doing before the Eclipse and specific rituals that you can do on the day of the Eclipse.

The Moon in Scorpio is an intense phase in any event, where you tend to over-think matters and find it hard to relax, and the eclipse adds an even more highly-charged and sensitive quality. For all these reasons, eclipses are not auspicious for any new plan or initiative, and it’s better to look within and try to remain grounded.

Meditation and chanting have great power at these moments, where you get many times their usual value for your efforts. For everyday business, however, it’s recommended to wait two to three days for the Moon to reappear in the sky and you see your ideas in a new light.

Anuradha is symbolized by a Victory Arch, which shows ultimate promise and celebration, so you can use spiritual work to come through any emotional disorientation and land afterwards in a lighter and clearer space.

This nakshatra is ruled by Mitra, who represents companionship and cooperation, and makes a good time for collaborative efforts and pushing your social scene. At an eclipse, this may represent coming together in a shared psychic experience or being there for a friend who needs emotional support.

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