Mercury, planet of the mind, goes retrograde in Gemini-Mrigashira on May 29th until June 22nd, the planet’s longest and slowest retrograde phase of 2021.

There are classic experiences associated with this three-week window, where communication and commerce come into focus, and you have the opportunity to reassess your plans. This transit begins in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini then reverses into Taurus by June 2nd, where it gives a fixed outlook and sees you concentrating more on practical business and security.

Mrigashira is associated with a search or pursuit, so you may be looking for lost information or researching your subject, and a book, website or other plan goes through a major edit. Take it easy with any big decision, however, as this retrograde phase has a way of throwing up an important detail you could not possibly have known at the time.

Use the chance instead to shop around, and you become an expert in pricing and availability, as well as the hidden costs in timescale and delivery. Mercury begins this transit closely together with Venus, planet of relationship, so you have a pleasing and diplomatic touch if you should need it.

Perhaps appealing for a romantic second chance with someone, or knowing how to handle the same request when it comes from somebody out of your recent past. Take particular care also around the Solar Eclipse on June 10th, when the atmosphere may be intense or dramatic, and don’t be pressured into committing simply for the sake of it.

Mercury retrogrades back into Rohini by June 22nd, a positive and auspicious nakshatra, but spends the majority of this transit in Mrigashira, which also holds the promise of ‘Giving Fulfilment’.

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