Venus, the planet of love and art, is in Uttara Bhadrapada, in the sign of Pisces, from April 3rd to 14th, the nakshatra whose name literally means ‘beautiful left foot’.

This benevolent and spiritual zone is symbolized by the back legs of a bed, and Venus gives you an imaginative and expressive quality that goes with its exaltation in the sign of Pisces. You are sensitive and supportive in relationships, and your powers of belief have a great and life-enhancing effect.

Set your partner a vision to aspire to and watch the transformation that unfolds. Uttara’s ruler, Ahirbudhnya, the Serpent of the Deep, shows you getting into committed sharing and immersion in your meditation – this deity is often identified with the kundalini ‘serpent’ energy at the base of the spine, which you can raise during intense yoga practice.

Share a moment with someone in your meditation reflect together, and get on to a profound level of rapport and intuition. Uttara’s Shakti, or special power, for ‘Bringing Rain’ in the sense of stimulating new ideas and growth, is linked to abundance and luxury – all issues close to Venus’s heart.

Your flair for creativity and design also means you are happy to invest and spend money, when it means working with the finest quality materials. Subtle and insightful, you are slow to anger, and know how to sweeten your message and put a proposal over successfully.

Venus’s closeness to shadowy Rahu through this transit gives you a desire for fresh and original company. Experiment, try a new club, artwork or company, and prepare to have your horizons broadened.

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