Mars, planet of courage and assertiveness, is in Mrigashira from April 2nd to 24th 2021, the nakshatra spanning the signs of Taurus and Gemini – sitting between the heavens and the earth.

Mrigashira’s symbol the Deer, is depicted in myth being pursued across the skies by Brahma the Creator, representing a chase driven by desire or ambition. Even with Mars in the earthy Taurus portion of this asterism, you are impulsive and restless, going after goals without consideration or forethought, and your pursuit may also change or remain unsatisfied even when successful.

Mars loves the thrill of the chase, particularly in a romantic sense, and this may be more fun than settling down with your current infatuation – but ask yourself if this is what you really want. Though you may be seeking a conquest, Mrigashira’s soft and timid nature also makes it more likely you are being pursued by someone else.

This asterism’s ruling deity is Soma – the Moon – the fastest moving of all planets, which represents the emotional mind and adds to its fickle and changeable character. You may start one project in determined mood only to lose focus when the next day you have doubts or are drawn to something else.

Yet Mrigashira’s Shakti, or divine power, is to Provide Fulfilment, so there is ultimate promise at the end of the chase when you stick to your plan. If you are on an actual journey now, it’s worth settling a program or itinerary to keep you on track and so you don’t veer off in different directions.

Mars is also transiting with Rahu, the shadow planet of desire, up to April 14th, so be alert for a foreign or exotic style of working and finding a new solution by breaking out of an old lifestyle pattern.

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