Mars, planet of courage and assertiveness, is in Mrigashira from Sep 24th – Dec 4th, the nakshatra spanning the signs of Taurus and Gemini.

This extended stay in Mrigashira includes Mars’s retrograde motion starting October 31st, which carries an extra power to transform your life. Choose a course of action carefully and appreciate success may take longer to achieve, with many complications, though it will be all the more satisfying in the end.

Mrigashira’s symbol of a Deer is depicted in myth being chased across the skies by Brahma the Creator, which represents the spark of desire and ambition. The Deer’s soft and timid nature also attracts pursuers from the outside, and you can become the object of someone else’s fascination.

This asterism is ruled by the Moon, the fastest moving planet, which represents the emotional mind and adds to the current fickle and changeable conditions. You start one project in determined mood only to lose impetus when the next day you chase in a different direction.

Even with Mars in the earthy Taurus portion of this nakshatra up to October 16th, you are brash and impulsive, and go after goals without consideration or forethought. This gets you started and may bring helpers onside, but be mindful if your inner drive is still unsatisfied and you remain restless even when successful.

The thrill of the chase can be more fun than actually catching up with your target, particularly in a romantic sense. Yet Mrigashira’s Shakti, or divine power, is also to Provide Fulfilment, so there is ultimate promise at the end of the pursuit when you stick to your plan.

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