Jupiter, planet of expansion and philosophy, is in Uttara Bhadrapada pada two, from Dec 28 2022 to Jan 21st 2023.

This is transit sees Jupiter return through the issues it highlighted from mid-May to early June 2022, and you relive a scenario that combines intelligence and big ideas. You have increased confidence and experience to teach and understand.

Uttara is a benevolent and spiritual nakshatra, whose symbol of the back legs of a bed is linked to sacrifice and renunciation. This asterism is also ruled by Ahirbudhnya, the serpent of the depths, and Jupiter reinvigorates any area of your chart it touches with a sense of new possibility.

With Guru also strong by sign, you can substitute your immediate rewards in pursuit of a bigger ultimate return. Pada two of this asterism relates to Virgo in the relationship and spirituality Navamsha chart, ruled by Mercury, which combines sharp intellect with a philosophical vision.

You resolve these two sides more easily after your experience earlier in 2022, and find a role which brings out the best of both worlds. Perhaps you have an important message to share, but can adapt it now to a particular audience or more specialist space.

You have brains and versatility, with a flair for communication that favours the spoken word and perhaps a foreign language. Pada Two of a nakshatra is of the Artha quality, relating to wealth creation and security, so you may do well in the knowledge industry, or gain from intellectual property.

Uttara’s Shakti, or special gift, ‘To Bring the Cosmic Rain’, also sees you being a source of abundance for the wider group, where everybody benefits.

Jupiter is influenced by ambitious, organized Saturn up to January 17th, and curbs any excesses, where you put your thinking into an efficient and businesslike package.

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