What Your Lesser-Known Planet Signs Say About You

We may all be familiar with the placement of the Moon in our vedic birth chart and understand how the zodiac sign in which it is placed has an impact on our mind and emotions. We may have also discovered how the position of the Sun affects our physical body, vitality and self confidence. But did you know that the signs that Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Venus were placed in at the moment of your birth can also help you understand a lot about the different aspects of yourself, and your approach to life?

Let’s take a look at each of these planets to identify what we can understand from the position of each in our birth chart.  

Your Jupiter Sign - Good Fortune and Spirituality

It takes Jupiter around 12 years to complete its cycle of the zodiac, and it spends almost one year in each sign. The sign that it is placed in at the time of your birth is called your Jupiter sign.

Jupiter, also known as Guru or Brihaspati, is the highly spiritual planet of expansion, wisdom and philosophy. Known as the most helpful of planets, its position in your chart indicates how you practice generosity, as well as how you bring justice to the world. Those born with a strong influence of Jupiter are likely to be honest, just and caring towards the wellbeing of others and society.

Jupiter is the symbol of devotion, prayer, divine grace and self-realization. It indicates whether there is an inclination towards spirituality, or to higher education such as university studies. Often, spiritual teachers have a strong placement of Jupiter in their birth charts, as do priests, teachers and those involved in law and social work.

This planet helps us see the world with optimism and recognise that something positive can be learnt from even the toughest or most challenging of situations. Jupiter is the indicator of wealth, children, happiness and luck and is often looked at in a chart when there are struggles or setbacks in these areas, as well as in the areas of health and relationships.  When placed favorably, Jupiter brings wealth and good fortune.

Find out where Jupiter is placed in your chart and what that means for you in the Birth Chart section of align27.

Your Mars Sign - Energy and Action

The sign that Mars is placed in at the time of your birth is called your Mars Sign.

Mars is the planet of raw energy, drive and goal-oriented action. It signifies your energy, ambition and zest for life, and can indicate your strength and competitiveness. Its fiery nature expresses itself as impulsiveness, which can also turn into aggression and a readiness to fight. Mars is, afterall, the planet of war.

Whilst in a negative sense Mars can deal with issues of impatience, anger and conflict, on the positive side it represents courage, fearlessness and a willingness to take risks. A strong Mars is needed for success in business.

This planet signifies your passions – both in relationships and in life in general. Mars rules the circulation of life force in the body, as well as the blood flow. How physically strong and fit you are, whether your approach to life is more active or passive, and the kind of sports that attract you can all be indicated by the sign in which Mars is placed in your chart.

Rituals can be done to nullify the challenging aspects and enhance the positive effects of this fiery planet in your life, so you can invoke the courage and fearlessness within you. The align27 app shows you which rituals to do and when, based on your own personal birth chart.

Your Saturn Sign - Discipline and Responsibility

Saturn, the ringed planet, is physically very dry and extremely cold.  As it is the slowest moving planet and the furthest visible to the naked eye – positioned at the limit of our perception – it is considered to be the planet of darkness, restriction and death. Saturn can make us feel melancholy, fearful and doubtful of ourselves. As we strive to move forward in life and towards our goals, it slows down our plans and brings delays, obstacles and setbacks.

However we mustn’t be fearful of Saturn, because as much as its lessons can be difficult, they can also bring maximum growth, and are therefore the most rewarding. Saturn is the Lord of Karma, and aims to put you through experiences which allow you to work through your karmic baggage and drop your attachments and desires. In doing so, the soul evolves and eventually reaches final liberation.

Though Saturn can be solemn, it gives us the seriousness and discipline needed to get through life’s challenges. It brings structure, commitment and dependability and can help us achieve long term results. For spiritual aspirants, a strong position of Saturn is needed in order to have the discipline required to sincerely follow the spiritual path. The lessons taught by Saturn can bring dispassion, detachment and independence.

Saturn spends approximately two and a half years in each zodiac sign. The sign it was positioned in when you were born is called your Saturn sign, and this sign establishes your approach to fulfilling your ambitions, what you take responsibility for and how you seek control. Understanding and aligning with the sign that Saturn is placed in can help you to experience the positive side of this otherwise much feared planet. Find out where Saturn is placed in your chart using the align27 app.

Your Venus Sign - Love and Beauty

Your Venus sign is the sign that Venus is positioned in at the time of your birth. It indicates sensitivity and refinement and governs your expectations in love and your approach to relationships.

Venus is the gentle planet of love, beauty, purity and harmony. It is concerned with bodily comforts and sense pleasures. Good taste, quality and aesthetic beauty are all ruled by Venus, which is responsible for wealth and life’s comforts.

To an extent, the position of Venus in your chart governs the sort of person you are attracted to, as well as the way you enter into and sustain a relationship. Venus rules physical attraction. A strong Venus in your chart bestows you with an attractive, charismatic personality as well as the capacity to love.

As the indicator of children and the creative arts, including art, poetry, painting, music and dance, Venus brings creative energy and expression. Knowing your Venus sign can help you to discover your individual style of artistic expression.

Find out the position of Venus and all other planets in your birth chart on the Birth Chart of the align27 app.

The Rituals section will suggest what you can do on specific days to nullify the challenging aspects and enhance the beneficial energies of these planets, depending on their current position in the sky and their effect on your individual birth chart.

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