If you believe in reincarnation it’s possible that you are fascinated, or at least a little curious, about the lives you lived in the past. Some people experience intuitive glances into their previous lives, or feel a sense of ‘dejavu’ or instant familiarity when meeting someone or visiting a place for the first time. Many feel that the deep soul recognition felt can only be explained as a connection that stretches beyond this lifetime.

An individual is more than just a physical form, but has many mental and emotional layers as well as subconscious and subtle aspects which are present as a result of having lived through many lifetimes. Astrology helps you grasp these less obvious aspects of yourself. Through it we gain an understanding of our desires, fears, mental patterns and behaviors, which ultimately helps us to accept ourselves.

Your Chart and your Past Life Karma

Your astrological birth chart as a whole is an expression and blueprint of your past life karma. You were born at a particular time and place under certain planetary influences so that you are pushed to experience what is needed for you to learn your lessons. This way you advance on the journey of your soul’s evolution. The cycle of birth and death keeps happening until we (finally!) learn all our lessons and become free.

Within your natal chart, there are certain key indicators that can help us understand our past lives and what we have carried forward into this one. Let’s take a look at a few.

Rahu and Ketu - Your Karmic Axis

Rahu is the north node and Ketu is the south node of the Moon so they are always exactly opposite each other in your chart and seven houses away from each other. Together, they form an axis which is the invisible link between our past lives and our present incarnation. They show the past life impressions that we have carried forward into our current birth, and indicate our karmic destiny.

Rahu signifies our desire, ambition and passion, and is related to the future and what you are here to experience. Ketu deals more with the past and what you have left undone – it deals with moksha as well as dissatisfaction and a feeling of lack. Looking at the house where Ketu sits in your chart and what that house represents can help you understand in which area of life you may feel some lack or sense of loss.

Both Rahu and Ketu have the ability to keep pulling us towards the materialistic side of life. Rahu exaggerates these instincts, creating desires and illusions, whereas Ketu keeps us attached, by blocking us from what we desire. Both deal with the inner dilemmas within us. They churn up our lives with the aim of bringing out the hidden potential and wisdom from our past lives.

Spiritual growth comes from our ability to let go of our desires and expectations and simply accept and enjoy what life brings, without getting attached.

You can read about the placement of Rahu and Ketu in your birth chart in the Personality Profile section of align27. You can also order your personalized Rahu Ketu Karmic Axis Report for in-depth descriptions of their placement in your chart.

5th House - Good Deeds of Past Lives

In Vedic astrology the 5th house is the house of purva punya – the good deeds of past births. This house acts like a window to your positive past life actions and how they translate into your current birth.

One way that good karma is visible in your current life is through your talents. Be it creative, artistic or athletic talents, or the ability to advise others, it can be seen from the 5th house. This house is also the house of children. Strong and well-placed planets here could indicate fortunate and intelligent kids.

This house can give a window into the overall circumstances of someone’s life. Whether you have beneficial planetary placements here or more challenging placements depends on the karmas you have acquired through your past lives.

6th House and 11th House - Loans and Gains

Everyone strives for a good life. At times wishes and desires are fulfilled, and at other times, no matter how much effort is put, the desire just doesn’t get fulfilled. Whether we are supported to reach our goals or not can be put down to our karma.

The 6th house can be considered the house of debts and loans, and that includes not just our physical and monetary loans but also our karmic loans. 6th from the 6th house is the 11th house, which is the house of gains, desires and wish fulfillment. At this point in the chart one can see what our karma allows us to gain in our current life.

8th House - Karma Carried Forwards

In our soul’s journey of learning, we may have made some mistakes or done things in our past lives which weren’t so good that have created some unresolved karma. Planets in the 8th house can suggest karma that has been carried from the past life. Remedies such as service and donation can be done to help purify this karma.

align27 tells you exactly which remedies to do according to your own birth chart to help balance your karma bank and progress in life.

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