The Sun, planet of the soul and self-expression, is in Shatabishta, the nakshatra within the sign of Aquarius, from February 19th to March 5th 2023.

This asterism translates to ‘a hundred physicians’ and its Shakti, or special power, is for Healing. You may be spending time looking after somebody or giving yourself a little extra care and attention, where a particular medicine, diet or lifestyle has the desired effect.

Modern technology helps too when you are well informed about advances in wellness and lifestyle, and helps you make an important self-discovery. Shatabishta is presided over by Varuna, God of the Waters, which brings either greater contact with this element or a deep experience in the inner sea of meditation.

Shatabishta’s symbol is an invisible circular container which represents infinity, or a veil which hides mystical secrets, and this period also sees you exploring the occult and mysterious, with a possible focus on star-gazing and divination.

This may be a good time to consult an astrologer or begin to study the subject for yourself. The Sun sheds light wherever it lands, but rather than beaming bright in its usual egocentric style, adapts to a more sharing and group-oriented approach, as you reflect on deep ideas and look into the future.

You find illumination in unusual areas and gain insight into a plan or ambition where you least expect. Guard against an overly-introspective mood, and try to keep on good terms with everyone. The Sun is also moving with its planetary enemy, strict, karmic Saturn in this transit, and you may brush with authority and have to stay very closely within set guardrails.

Expect to take greater responsibility at home and in business, but keeping your confidence up means you can look forward to being rewarded for a long-term strategy. 

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