Rahu, the shadow planet of desire and rebellion, is in pada (part) two of Ashwini from June 26th until August 28th 2023, the first nakshatra of the zodiac, which is associated with impulse and initiative.

Ashwini’s Shakti, or special gift, for Quick Action, sees you leaping aboard with new ideas an innovation, using Rahu’s contrary nature to embrace a revolutionary movement. Pada two of this asterism is ruled by Taurus navamsha, the chart of marriage and good fortune, where Rahu has innate strength and you have an impulse towards security and fine quality.

On one hand you are driven and immediate, while on the other you are a traditionalist who looks to ground your ideas in for the long term. A middle way may be to embrace a new movement at work or in your personal life, and then stick with it. The second nakshatra pada is linked to the Artha tendency, which also relates to wealth-creation in an enlightened and life-enhancing way.

Earning money through a modern or revolutionary insight gives you potential for freedom and greater leisure to pursue a spiritual path. Pada Two’s Venus rulership also gives you diplomatic skill, where you attract support by staying loyal and finding just the right words.

Rahu is influenced by the expansive qualities of Jupiter through this transit, where your interest in education and philosophy combines with a smart, worldly outlook. Keep to your core beliefs and don’t let anyone compromise you, even if a dazzling offer is on the table.

Taking longer to study a specialized subject is worth it, and an authentic knowledge offering is a more valuable proposition in the end.

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