Mars, planet of action and energy, is retrograde starting in Gemini from October 30th until November 13th, before retreating into Taurus until January 12th 2023.

Of all planets, hard-charging Mars is possibly the least comfortable in backwards motion, and you spend twice as long to go half as far, and must consolidate your ground before making new conquests. There is risk of going too quickly, where Mars’s impulsivity, usually a strength, trips you up if you are not mindful of all events.

Mars retreats across the area it already covered from early September this year, so you review a project from that time and give it another push. Anything you thought would be quick and easy needs longer to reel in, but you can turn frustration and delay into an opportunity, and give yourself another chance to make everything move sweetly.

In the Gemini phase of this transit up to November 13th, you are inclined to see both sides of every question, which may make you indecisive. Keep your options open, but at a certain point commit to a course and see your campaign through to the end.

You may also find a competitive situation taking on bigger proportions and a rivalry bringing out both your best and worst sides. Starting this retrograde phase in the nakshatra of Mrigashira and up to December 6th, Mars carries the sense of a pursuit, where you are chasing a desire or deadline, or else find somebody chasing you.

Certainly, you are driven and focused, though may have to work in a roundabout or counterintuitive way compared to your usual style. Acquiring new skills comes slowly, but you remember everything you learn.

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