Those in a relationship know that it takes a combination of care, sacrifice and support from both sides to form a steady partnership from which mutual goals can be met, and love can grow.

What is less known is that there are ways that, with the help of astrology, you can synchronize with the rhythms of the universe as a couple, which helps enormously in maintaining relationship harmony and manifesting your shared dreams.

Here are 3 useful features of the align27 app that are designed to help you do just that.

1. Know When to Collaborate and When to Reach for the Remote

You may be well acquainted with using align27’s features to maximize your personal time and achieve success in your own individual endeavors, but for those in a relationship don’t miss checking out the app’s new ‘Together’ feature.

This recently released tool maps your birth chart with your partner’s and tells you which times of the day are prime times you have in common, so you can choose these moments to do important things together. It shows auspicious and not so auspicious days, times and moments so you can make tandem plans according to your astrology.

It also displays days when you might want to avoid doing or talking about anything important together, so you can see through your plans, without the fallouts. You simply have to select the profile you want to match your chart with, and in a few seconds the app will generate your mutual lucky times. Your Together days are divided into the following categories:

Crown Days – majestic days for you
Victorious Day – powerful days to achieve mutual goals
Collaborate Day – a good day, you can make it work
Same Wavelength Day – a day you are on par with some extra effort
TLC for “Anya” Day – you’re unaligned on this day, so have patience
Binge Watch Day – a day to avoid conversations and important tasks
Airplane Mode Day – not the best day to get things done

So, if you are planning on collaborating with your loved one on a work or voluntary project that you both care deeply about, check out when you have your Crown, Victorious and Collaborate Days, and choose those as your power moments to swing into action! If, on the other hand, you’re collectively in a Binge Watch Day or Airplane Mode Day, then it’s best to do as the name suggests – avoid important tasks and conversations altogether and instead put your feet up and relax.

And don’t forget, the Together feature can be used, not only as a couple, but also with a colleague, friend or family member – anyone with whom you want to make plans or spend quality time with, whilst keeping the peace!

2. Vedic Relationship Rituals

In the rituals section of the align27 app there is a section specifically for Relationship Rituals that can help you re-balance, protect and restore any relationship disharmony that you may experience.

Did you know that if you are going through a difficult phase in your partnership or marriage, it is good to put four pieces of turmeric at the four corners of your bed? Turmeric is connected to the planet Jupiter, which has the ability to bring good fortune and auspiciousness to your relationship, so doing this ritual brings you protection.

There are also particular deities, each representing cosmic forces in nature, that can be honored on a particular day to strengthen your relationship. For example, every zodiac sign is associated with a particular form of Lord Shiva, the all-pervading divine consciousness. The form of Lord Shiva connected with the zodiac sign in your 7th house – the house of relationships – can be honored to restore and revitalize your relationship.

The align27 app tells you which rituals to do on which days so you can get maximum benefit according to the current movement of the planets and their effect on your individual birth chart. 

3. Reinstate Peace Post-Argument

Have you ever heard of a ‘perfect’ relationship with no dramas or quarrels whatsoever? Unlikely. In fact a couple’s efforts to work through disagreements and resolve conflicts is one of the key ways that strength can be built in a relationship.

But, when clashes do happen, amends need to be made and the peace restored. Astrologically speaking, there are good times and not so good times to do this, and align27 calculates those times for you.

When you need to find the right moment for that difficult conversation to restore the harmony in your relationship, look into the ‘Find Dates’ section of align27 and under the ‘Relationship’ category you will find a list of suitable days and times when the universe will be on your side to have that conversation, make amends and move forward in your relationship.

So, check out these features in align27 and enjoy using them to resolve conflicts and keep your partnership solid and happy, fulfilling your joint dreams together. 

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