Rahu, the shadow planet of disruption and rebellion, is in the final pada (part) of Revati within the sign of Pisces from October 30th 2023 until January 1st 2024.

This is part of the Gandanta zone between fire and water signs, a gap or ‘knot-end’ space which leaves a planet unsupported and working in an unpredictable way. Rahu’s nature is anarchic enough in itself, so this transit should be treated with extra caution and given time to settle before acting.

Coming out of fiery and impulsive Aries-Ashwini, Rahu works in a quite different way in Pisces-Revati, where your intuition is subtler and more receptive. Pada Four of any nakshatra is of the Moksha quality, so you may look into a radical or exotic form of self-development, or any path which leads you towards ultimate escape.

Rahu’s shadowy nature can also be deceiving, and give you an anxious inner life that deals with illusions of power – you have to separate reality from any passing psychic shadows. This transit can be unsettling, and there’s an inner demand for you to chase an extreme desire out into the world.

A driven approach brings you great achievements, but is also exhausting, and leaning-in too much to the obsessive leaves you little time to enjoy your journey. Find a way between helping others and doing right by yourself: Rahu in Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, currently transiting in Aries, so still has an underlying impulsive and heroic quality.

Rahu in this transit also escapes from the overbearing, months-long influence of stern Saturn in Aquarius, so you can express creative disruption in a positive and expressive way.

The Gandanta phase does not favour a sudden revolution, or anything on the extreme side of Rahu’s spectrum, but sees you win by slow steps towards change and renewal.

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