Jupiter, the planet of philosophy and protection, is in Rohini within the sign of Taurus from June 13th to 27th 2024.

Rohini is an attractive and luxury-loving asterism, and even though in an enemy sign of Jupiter, it gives you potential for abundance and a rich life experience. Pada one relates to Aries navamsha, which has underlying confidence and creativity, as you pursue new goals and wisdom paths.

You may be more forward and demonstrative in a relationship, and find the nerve to approach somebody who may have seemed out of reach before. Try to see things from the other person’s point of view, however.

Rohini’s Shakti is ‘To Grow’, but there’s a big contrast between sticking with what you like versus branching out into new avenues, and success depends on a balance of consistency and courage. Pada One is also the Dharma portion of this asterism, which relates to your highest standards of work and business in the world.

This sits well in a Mars-ruled, action-oriented place, where you seize the moment and make your own good fortune. A passing compliment or reward may not seem like much at the time but proves to be a game-changer in the long run.

Jupiter is also caught between the harsh, fiery influences of the Sun and Mars, and all learning and belief avenues come with an element of risk. You don’t have the luxury of choice and may be tempted to compromise a traditional approach to education and spirituality.

Trust taking things slowly, and old-school credentials give you better results than taking a shortcut.

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