Jupiter, the planet of protection and expansion, is in Pada (part) Two of Krittika, in the sign of Taurus, from May 1st to 15th 2024.

Krittika is represented by a Flame or Razor and its ruling deity Agni embodies sacred fire. Pada two of this asterism relates to Capricorn navamsa, the subtle chart of marriage and underlying strength, where you have to work harder to maintain your faith in life.

In a relationship especially, you are more persuaded by facts and guarantees than vague promises and feel pulled in a different direction to Jupiter’s trusting spirituality. Knowledge must be useful with a real-world relevance, and not simply a way to gain academic credit.

Strike a balance between blind generosity and a cautious, businesslike attitude that always covers your bottom line. Though this nakshatra sees Jupiter move into the earthy Taurus portion of Krittika, its Shakti, or special power ‘To Burn’, keeps up a fiery signature.

Your instincts may be to accumulate money and security, but you balance this with consuming waste and negativity, and a purge of your possessions should lighten your load. Jupiter also moves away from the long-term influence of Saturn, lord of karma, in this transit, and you are freer to move without compromise.

Your sense of expansion is earthier and more deliberate, but limiting conditions are lifted, and you may achieve things you have only dreamt about this year so far. May 8th and 9th are good days to centre yourself, spend time with family, and get on to a new emotional connection with your friends.

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