Venus, planet of love and luxury, is in Cancer-Ashlesha from August 20th to 31st.

Ashlesha’s symbol of a coiled Serpent, in particular its potent and hypnotic eyes, shows your deep insight and intense charm. The ruling devatas here, The Nagas, are the divine shape-shifting race of cobras, venomous and protective, which represent this asterism’s potential for loyalty and jealousy.

Ashlesha is also known as the Clinging Star, so while your close maternal-type affection can be a success, guard against a suffocating romantic style, or else attracting toxic, unwanted attention from the outside.

Venus in this nakshatra gives great insight into character and potential for cunning manoeuvres – knowing how to probe for peoples’ weaknesses and baiting the romantic hook to get what you want. You may encounter all these qualities in your dealings, along with secret liaisons, sexual jealousy and psychological game-playing.

If you receive attention or flattery, check the motivation is sincere, and also be wary of those cultivating a political advantage. Yet Ashlesha is wise and Sattvic, and you find worldly people with knowledge to share, and even a brief painful lesson can be valuable if it destroys and old illusion and leaves you stronger.

The Serpent Nakshatra is also associated with the coiled kundalini energy at the base of the spine, and you may bond with someone through shared self-development and a love of the esoteric. Venus receives the gaze of Saturn, planet of boundaries, through this whole transit, and you may have to find a middle way between love and responsibility.

A temporary separation from your partner has a karmic quality which makes you appreciate what you have together, and you reunite after a time on a deeper level than before.

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