Mercury, planet of thought and communication, is in Shravana within the sign of Capricorn from February 14th to 23rd.

Shravana is an auspicious nakshatra associated with wisdom and learning, and its symbol, an Ear, relates to an oral tradition and spoken, spiritual knowledge. Mercury’s affinity with all these qualities makes this an excellent transit for a course of education or self-taught program which broadens your horizons.

A teaching role is a perfect way to share knowledge and show off your skills and learning to others, and also to enhance your own understanding on the way. Become well-versed in your subject and pay attention to overheard intelligence and scraps of information picked up in your daily business.

You have a serious mentality and choose your words carefully for their power to affirm and create – a period of quiet reflection can be important too, where you listen to your inner voice and tune out small-talk and gossip.

This asterism’s Shakti, or unique gift, is for ‘Connection’, so you can reach out to others and bring people in to a shared endeavour, or simply make a wise new friend. Shravana is also in the moveable class, so you may travel actively in pursuit of knowledge and have the ability to study language and culture while you are on your journey.

Ruled by Vishnu, the Preserver, this nakshatra brings an interest in a spiritual or historic tradition which needs to be maintained, and you are committed to it for the long term. Shravana also has a natural association with Saraswati, devata of wisdom, whose mantra enlivens your intelligence and natural connection to new and esoteric ideas.

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