What to do and what not to do – here’s your list for February.

Tap below to see personalized do’s and don’ts based on your Vedic Moon sign in your birth chart (which we calculate for you in the align27 app).

February 4 – 14
Mercury in Uttara Ashada ~ Rethink your victory strategy

✅ Do’s
Pay attention to a missing detail that brings a plan together, Be willing to adjust in any situation where you run into opposition, Give a campaign publicity through letters, articles and debate, Offer good advice to a friend in need, Initiate new plans and desires.

February 6 – 19
Sun in Dhanishtha ~ March to your own drum-beat

✅ Do’s
Step up as a performer, Do activities with a strong energy or pulse, Create music and art, Focus on yourself and your ambitions. rather than romantic conquests, Take care when dealing with authority, Be punctual.

February 7 – 18
Venus in Purva Bhadrapada ~ Playing with romantic fire

✅ Do’s
Break away from the past, Incline towards a more minimalist style, Make a bond with someone on a shared search for higher truth.

❌ Don’ts
Don’t put your partner’s needs completely above your own.

February 8 – 24
Jupiter in Uttara Bhadrapada Pada 4 ~ A deep mystical quest

✅ Do’s
 Cut through emotions and obstacles to get to the truth, Crusade for a group or belief, Keep your pursuit of knowledge within bounds, Tap into your spiritual energy and leave emotional issues behind.

February 14 – March 14
Saturn in Dhanishtha Pada 4 ~ Inner drive to wealth and fame

✅ Do’s
 Unfold your desires through a long-term program of meditation and reflection, Listen to your intuition about a person or situation that may defy rational thought, Channel your competitive instincts into a long-range task.

February 14 – 23
Mercury in Shravana ~ Listen as much as you speak

✅ Do’s
Take a course which broadens your horizons, Take on a teaching role, Pay attention to information you may overhear, Spend time in quiet reflection and listen to your inner voice, Make a wise new friend, Travel in pursuit of knowledge.

February 15 – March 12
Venus, Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces ~ A romantic guru figure

✅ Do’s
Find romance, Heal your relationship, Transform somebody you love by sheer belief.

❌ Don’ts
Don’t take your partner for granted.

February 18 – March 1
Venus in Uttara Bhadrapada ~ Find faith and romantic freedom

✅ Do’s
Immerse yourself in deep meditation, Do an intense yoga practise, Put past setbacks and uncertainty behind you.

February 19 – March 5
Sun in Shatabhisak ~ Shed light and healing energy

✅ Do’s
Stay well informed about advances in wellness and lifestyle, Explore star-gazing or divination, Consult an astrologer or begin astrological studies, Keep on good terms with everyone, Take greater responsibility at home and in business.

❌ Don’ts
Don’t get into an overly-introspective mood

February 20 – April 24
Rahu in Ashwini Pada 4 ~ Impulse and emotion

✅ Do’s
Create a new home or secure retreat, Reach for a job or relationship that always seemed improbable or fantastic, Have a caring and supportive attitude toward your partner, Free yourself of routine.

February 20 – April 24
Ketu in Swati Pada 2 ~ Finding your leadership voice

✅ Do’s
Use your voice to great effect, Combine the best of creative and worldly efforts, Monetize your skills, Embrace a form of healing art or therapy, Use your energy and imagination.

February 23 – March 3
Mercury in Dhanishtha ~ Wealth & fame from a smart idea

✅ Do’s
Make a charitable donation, Study music or speak, sing and use your voice, Perform publicly, Close a deal, Focus on your ideas, career and ambitions.

❌ Don’ts
Don’t overthink a small problem.

February 24 – March 11
Jupiter in Revati Pada 1 ~ Double down on expansion

✅ Do’s
Take a generous and forward-thinking approach, Follow right action in accord with your own inner truth, Get behind a favoured cause or a special person you want to support, Travel or go on a pilgrimage, Donate to a humanitarian program, Stick to your beliefs.

February 24 – March 27
Mars in Mrigashira ~ Chase your goal with energy

✅ Do’s
Be mindful of inner restlessness and changeable conditions, Deal with steady, practical and security-based business.

February 28 – March 16
Mercury combust in Aquarius ~ Take pride in a novel idea

✅ Do’s
Get professional advice or talk to a trusted friend for some perspective, Confront an issue you would otherwise ignore, Address matters from a worldly and practical point of view, Expect to spell your thought and speech out literally.

❌ Don’ts
Don’t get overwhelmed by too much information.

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