Mercury, planet of intellect and communication, is in Bharani nakshatra in the zodiacal sign of Aries from April 23rd to 29th.

Bharani’s name means ‘she who bears’, its symbol is a Vulva and its essence is bound up with giving birth, both as in bearing children and hatching plans and creative thinking. Bright, inventive Mercury sees your creativity revolving around smart ideas: your ‘brainchild’.

You are active and impulsive, and this asterism sees you battling for achievements, ambition and life itself, giving birth to new plans, connections and business schemes. The Shakti of this asterism is the ‘power to carry things away’, in the sense of a spiritual journey or seeing something, or perhaps someone, being removed from your life.

This separation is an important experience, even though Mercury has the detachment and objectivity to spring back and stop you getting emotionally ‘carried away’.

Try to keep a cool head: Bharani’s ruler is Yama, Lord of Death, which points to transformation and the necessity to let one desire go before chasing after another – or else the liberating sense of being released from attachment through achieving your goals.

This nakshatra’s association with birth also gives a maternal nature, and you can look after people and show a talent for hospitality, both in your personal and professional life.

People confide in you and get the sense that you understand instinctively: Mercury moves closely alongside diplomatic Venus through this whole transit which enhances your charm and makes you more approachable.

You are open, quick witted and love to flirt, though your affections are so strong that there may be jealousy or possessiveness in a relationship – someone misunderstands your friendly attitude and it is well to make your intentions clear.

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