Mercury, planet of thought and business, is in the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni spanning the signs of Leo and Virgo from September 19th to October 14th.

This extended stay includes Mercury’s retrograde period up to October 3rd, when your communication and planning goes through a change, and you review all available options. Mercury was recently in Uttara, from mid-to-late August 2022, so you may have a reprise of an idea that surfaced at that time and gradually put the pieces of a puzzle together.

The area of your chart where Mercury travels is the subject of a persistent theme of the last two months, where you window-shop and become better informed. After October 3rd a solution may appear to a longstanding problem or desire, so it is not stalling or procrastination to wait.

A detail you could not possibly have known often arises once Mercury goes direct, and you may actually save time by waiting. This nakshatra’s Shakti is also ‘prosperity through partnership’, where Mercury gives you the potential to strike commercial relationships and pool your talents in a joint endeavour.

Uttara shares the leisurely symbol of a Hammock with its previous asterism ‘the early red one’, Purva Phalguni, though Mercury here is more concerned with being of service to others. An alliance starts on a simple friendly level but you may spot the chance to work together and support each other’s interests, giving yourself a share of a larger overall profit.

Fight your desire simply to be laid-back and fun-loving, and you can do good work as an advisor or counsellor, both in healing and business. You have the gift of focusing on fine details and seeing the bigger picture, and around September 19th somebody steps up to help you get an important idea over the line.

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