Sun, planet of spirit and self-expression, is in Purva Phalguni ‘the previous red one’, from August 30th to September 13h 2021.

This nakshatra falls inside zodiacal Leo, where the Sun is strong and at home, though Purva’s symbol of a Hammock shows off your laid-back style which is at odds with Leo’s usual fiery heroics. You are relaxed and fun-loving, and the image is of a Lion, which only springs into action and hunts when there is real need for food and support.

So while you can surprise people who think you are a little bit too leisurely, you also need a compelling target to work towards. Purva’s ruling deity is Aryaman, one of the Adityas, who is famed for qualities of leadership and integrity, plus it possesses a power over marital happiness.

In relationship, people are drawn to your relaxed but confident approach, but be careful of being dragged into a romantic scenario that grows up around you, over which you have no control. Focusing your core solar energy is also necessary, otherwise a constant pleasure-loving pursuit becomes draining, both physically and psychically.

This asterism’s Shakti, or special power, is for ‘procreation’, which has an obvious link with parenthood, but can also show crossing your talents with a friend or collaborator to create something more than you could on your own.

The Sun is influenced directly by its friend, expansive Jupiter, during this transit, which gives you an added philosophical and adventurous quality, good for decision-making.

You have a wide range of interests, but success lies in concentrating on one ambition at a time and tapping your laid-back power reserves to the fullest.

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